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Are you touched by art and culture? Help us to increase the "Felicità Interna Lorda"!



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The central idea of the Festival is increasing “Felicità Interna Lorda” – F.I.L. through the mutual sharing of emotions that performing arts arise. Help us to increase the F.I.L. throughout the Milan territory! Support culture and art with your contribution to the Festival and to the artists! #FILgood


Your precious support will contribute to the realization of the Festival,  to its growth and to its improvement. The funds will be used to bear  organization, management and communication costs.


The support of theatre  lovers, of the citizens, of the spectators, is extremely important for Milano OFF FIL Festival. We warmly thank in advance all those who believe in the project, and think that Happiness (F.I.L.) may increase also thanks to high quality cultural events, watching a show, listening to good music, sharing venues and artistic moments.


You can help us:


-        Buying or giving as a gift the Milano OFF FIL Card, that entitles to discounts on show tickets or at the corporate commercial activities.

-          Free donation:


-          Online on our PayPal account


-           Through bank transfer: IBAN IT 25 V 03589 01600 010570 667888



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MILANO OFF associazione culturale artistica

Direzione Artistica: Renato LOMBARDO

Sede Sociale: Via Carlo Freguglia 10 – 20122 Milano
Sede Operativa : Via Sarzana, 50 – 20159 Milano  -  tel. +39 391 1418299  -  tel. +39 391 1418334


Completa la richiesta di partecipazione al bando pagando la quota di partecipazione di € 15,00.