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Milano Off Association started in January 2016 from the ideas of Renato Lombardo —former president of Teatro Libero in Milan and organizer of theater and international jazz music events for over thirty years—and of Francesca Vitale, entertainment lawyer, author, actress and Artstic Director of PALCO OFF Catania and Milan.

Inspired by an agreement in 2015 with the president of FESTIVAL AVIGNON LE OFF to create a twin Festival in Milan, the association takes example from the philosophy and objectives distinguishing some of the most famous national and International Fringe Festivals: the enhancement of a quality theater, social relevance and innovation across languages; the creation of an innovative and virtuous network for artistic expression; and the cultural revitalization of neighborhoods and city spaces, thanks to the widespread reach of the Festival which serves as a moment for social gathering, tourism and commercial promotion.

For this reason, since 1026 Milano OFF has been offering a real Fringe Festival hosted and promoted in strategic neighborhoods throughout the city of Milan. The project was born with the intention of gathering thousands of people around an environment of exchange and entertianment through both direct and indirect participation, creating the possibility of recognizing and rediscovering the contemporary cultural identity of the city of Milan. The strategic choice of Milan, recognized as a crossroads of Italian culture, also represents the ideal bridge between our national culture and Europe.

The past 3 editions of the Festival (2016 - 2017 - 2019) have achieved significant goals in terms of festival quality and participation numbers:

450 events and performances;
21 Milanese structures and performance spaces;
70 national and international participating artistic compagnies;
22.500 audience members;
339 involved artists;
143 journalists and industry professionals;
31 collaborators between staff and volunteers.

To find out more, check out our archives of past editions.

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MILANO OFF associazione culturale artistica

Co-Founder and Artistic DirectionRenato Lombardo 
Co-Founder and General Direction: Francesca Vitale
Production Coordinator: Giulia Quercioli 
Administration/RelationsMelissa Marino
Press OfficeManuelita Maggio 

Sede Sociale: Via Fontana 22 - 20122 Milano



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