If you have a performance space, join the archipelago of MILANO OFF: this will allow us to host more artists, for a Festival spread throughout the city of Milan.

SEPTEMBER 2023: FRINGE Theatre comes back to Milan!

The 5th MILAN OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL, which will take place from September 25th to October 8th, 2023, returns to embrace the city of Milan: theaters and unconventional spaces spread throughout the Milanese territory will create a map of Fringe Theater and performing arts!

Participating venues, embedded in a strong network of national and international collaborations, will be able to create new synergies by connecting Milan's center and its suburbs.

The Theater Venues  that decide to host the MI OFF 23 Festival will be protagonists of this widespread event, along with the artistic productions chosen to participate. 



Becoming a part of the Milano Off Fringe Festival means creating connections and rediscovering and enhancing new artistic proposals, both of which are invaluable for developing theater as a social place of sharing and renewal.

To be part of MI OFF 23 means, moreover, to become part of a two-week stream of visibility and additional promotion, as well as entering a long-term symbiotic circuit and international OFF/Fring network (following the example of our partners at Avignon).

Your theater venue or space will become a part of the Milano OFF promotional network via web channels, and in all BTL and ATL communication. 

You will also have a dedicated page on our website which, across the past four editions alone, has collected over 300,000 site visits from over 80 countries.

Joining the 5th MILAN OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL as a theater or performance space gives you the opportunity to stage up to three shows per day for the festival: projects selected by you from the artist applications received. Each artistic director will be able to make their own choice in alignment with their own mission, the characteristics of their space and the preferences of their audience/neighborhood in order to achieve the best possible artistic, social and economic outcome.

Please read the Participation Agreement, and if you would like to become one of the "Islands" in the archipelago of Milanese theater culture during the two weeks of Milano Off, please fill out the online application below!

25th Sept./ 8th Oct.

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Artistic DirectionRenato Lombardo 
General Direction: Francesca Vitale

Associazione Culturale - Milano OFF
Sede: Via Fontana 22 - 20122 Milano 
info - tel. +39 391 1418299
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Completa la richiesta di partecipazione al bando pagando la quota di partecipazione di € 15,00.