OFF FRINGE NETWORK for Theaters and Professionals
OFF FRINGE NETWORK for Theaters and Professionals

"Off" Network for Fringe


Network of Theaters and Arts Industry Professionals for the Fringe performance circuit


It is well known that one of the main problems of the self-produced show is the connection between artists and artistic directors.

Milano Off Fringe Festival was born as an idea of Renato Lombardo and Francesca Vitale in 2016, and is based on an agreement made with the Avignon Festival Off to create a twin Festival in Milan.

MILAN OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL and CATANIA OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL, now in their fifth and second edition, respectively, have therefore created the “OFF FRINGE NETWORK": a network that unites theaters and industry arts professionals from throughout Italy and abroad who intend to welcome Off artists and provide potential opportunities. 


Joining the OFF FRINGE NETWORK is very simple: just fill out the application at the bottom of the page and send in your registration as an ARTS INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL.

Your request will be screened by the MILAN OFF management and, if confirmed, we will send you a welcome email. Your name and venue details will be published on the OFF FRINGE NETWORK webpage and you will be issued an “ARTS INDUSTRY PASS" accreditation, valid for free admission to all shows scheduled at the Milan Off and Catania Off Fringe Festivals.

Members of the OFF FRINGE NETWORK will have special access to all details, trailers and complete videos of the artist(s) and companies applying to Call For Artists of both Milano Off Fringe Festival and Catania Off Fringe Festival. Members will therefore have a vast database of artists and productions in the fringe network at their disposal to discover, contact and include in their regular programming: seasons, festivals, reviews, circuits, residences, etc.

A direct relationship is therefore established between OFF FRINGE NETWORK members and participating artist(s)/companies, who are then able to negotiate their own organizational and financial conditions.

MI OFF, CT OFF and their artistic partners will exchange logos for their websites as a sign of friendly partnership and participation, are also a part of the Off Fringe Network.





Become a PARTNER with your venue and join the Fringe Festivals as a ARTS INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL for an exciting and unforgettable experience.


OFF FRINGE NETWORK members can also become ARTISTIC PARTNERS of the Milan Off Fringe Festival and/or the Catania Off Fringe Festival.


Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you will be immediately contacted to define the terms of the agreement, on the basis of the general terms requested by and offered to Artistic Partners:

  • A production from MI OFF and/or CT OFF will be awarded participation in the following season, festival, circuit, or residence period for the Artistic Partner’s 2023/2024 season;
  • Either in the Artist Application Guidelines or on the MI OFF and CT OFF websites, the general economic conditions and benefits offered by the Artistic Partner  will be indicated when possible (such as accommodation support, venue space at no cost, waived registration fees, etc.);
  • A representative from the Artistic Partner will participate in the specialized MI OFF and/pr CT OFF juries to evaluate the performances, based on their availability;

  • The Artistic Partner will be listed on the M IOFF and CT OFF sites as a member of the jury, even if they appoint trusted delegates to attend performances in their place;

  • MIOFF-CTOFF and the Artistic Partner will place their logos on each other’s sites in a show of friendly partnership between the two, as well as to signal participation in the OFF FRINGE NETWORK;

  • The ARTISTIC Partner will share MIOFF-CTOFF's posts on social media on their own channels, and disseminate information about related events; Festival booklets or flyers will be given to the participating Artistic Partner. 
  • Un delegato della Struttura Partner sarà disponibile a presenziare (anche online) agli speed dates: incontri di 3 minuti con ogni compagnia partecipante al MIOFF-CTOFF per conoscere di persona gli artisti e dar loro modo di raccontare il progetto artistico presentato al Fringe.

  • A delegate from the Artistic Partner will be available to attend speed dates (even online): 3-minute meetings with each artist participating in MIOFF-CTOFF to give them a chance to speak on their production presented at the Fringe.

ENow all that’s left is to become an active part of the OFF FRINGE NETWORK!

Fill out the form below and join the OFF FRINGE NETWORK.


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Artistic DirectionRenato Lombardo 
General Direction: Francesca Vitale

Associazione Culturale - Milano OFF
Sede: Via Fontana 22 - 20122 Milano 
info - tel. +39 391 1418299
direzione - tel. +39 347 6372592


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