Catania OFF Fringe Festival

From October 16th to 30th, 2022


La Memoria del Teatro has been co-producer of the Milano Off Fringe Festival since the first edition of MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL in 2016. Thanks to the know-how acquired in the 3 editions of the festival in Milan, in 2020 we had decided to produce the 1st ever edition of CATANIA OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL. The pandemic, however, kept us suspended in orbit for 2 years...

Finally, in 2022 on an island of Greek and Roman culture nestled between Etna and the Cyclopean Isles, between the black baroque monuments and lively nightlife of Catania: Fringe lands in Sicily from October 16th to 30th, immediately after Milano Off Fringe Festival (held in the last 2 weeks of September).

A perfect symbiosis between the 2 Fringe Festivals: sharing the same spirit and organizational model, and involving many of the same national and international partners, the Fringe Festivals create an artistic bridge across Italy from Milan to Catania.

Theaters and performance spaces in both the center and in the city outskirts of Etnea will join together to form a touristic/cultural map where the festival will take place. As with Milan, Catania Off Fringe Festival is divided into 4 sections:


*CATANIA IN - Nationally and internationally renowned artists put on a stellar performance in a prestigious and emblematic space of Catanese culture. 

*CATANIA OFF FRINGE - Companies from all over Italy and abroad will perform with professional shows covering a vast array of various artistic genres, alternating throughout within various Performance Spaces of the Festival.

The Call to Artists for CATANIA OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL is already active: on the last page of the MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL application, simply check the appropriate box stating you're also interested in being considered for CATANIA OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL, and all documentation will be transferred to Sicilian artistic commitee.
The application guidelines for Catania Off Fringe call are the same as those described in the Milano Off Fringe Application Guidlines, with the only modifications being the dates and city of the Festival. Go directly to the application by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

*VILLAGE OFF - The Village is the center and heart of the Festival: a meeting point between artists, operators, and the public; a place for exhibitions, meetings, and panels; and much more...

*OFF-OFF CATANIA- events distributed in participating locations in the initiative throughout the city of Catania. A real journey through the archipelago of "islands" of theater and culture.

The official website where you can discover all the details of the festivla will be online soon!



The Cultural Association "La Memoria del Teatro", founded in 2009 with offices in Milan and Catania, is run by Artistic Director Francesca Vitale. Francesca is an actress, author and director trained at Teatro Stabile in Catania, as well as a lawyer in the entertainment industry. The Organizational Direction is led by Renato Lombardo, president of MILANO OFF Association, who has been organizing events related to theater and international jazz music for over thirty years.

Since 2012 the Association has been organizing the theatre season "PALCO OFF - Authors of our Time" in Catania, and since 2015 the theatre season "PALCO OFF- Actors, Authors and Stories of Sicily" in Milan.

Since the first edition of MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL in 2016, La Memoria del Teatro has been a partner and co-producer of the festival, with Francesca Vitale leading the artistic direction for all three prior festivals, including the 2017 and 2019 editions.


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