If you have a performance space, join the archipelago of MILANO OFF: this will allow us to host more artists, for a Festival spread throughout the city of Milan.

September 2019: OFF Theatre returns to Milan!

The 3RD MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL will take place from the 17th to the 22nd of September 2019, between the splendid setting of the Fabbrica del Vapore and Milanese Theatrical institutions. Theaters and performance spaces will welcome performances and artistic projects from the national and international "off" circuit, creating therefore a new symbiosis.

The theatrical spaces which will host the Festival are protagonists, together with the artistic companies, for this widespread event. 


Milanese cultural spaces, historical theaters, and unique locations spread throughout Milan, form a true archipelago of Theatrical and Cultural “Islands,” which draw a singular and unified map of the theatrical landscape of Milan and of fringe performances. Being one of these "islands" means immersing oneself into a week of visibility and consistent promotional activities, in addition to entering into a long-term synergistic circuit to make Milan a point of reference and an international OFF hub, based on the example of our partners in Avignon.

The previous edition received over 200 participation requests, with 48 companies being selected thousands of visitors from all over Italy and abroad. 

Your theater will enter in the promotional circuit of Milano OFF via our online channels, in addition to being included in BTL and ATL communication strategies. 

You will also have a dedicated page on our website, which in the last two editions alone received over 300,000 visits from over 80 countries. 

The OFF festival is a singular opportunity for international visibility and for the cultural luster of Milan, through the discovery of its neighborhoods and the theatrical spaces that represent them: #MIOFF19 proposes itself as a European distribution point for the diffusion of new international protagonists of every kind of performing arts. 

The theaters, both places of congregation for audiences and diffusers of cultural art, are fundamental for the growth and the dispersion of cultural and social interests of their own neighborhood.

 Off-site theaters act as attraction and coordinating centers, in the context of a territorial marketing project, as well as support for an Off cultural circuit.

Joining the 3RD MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL as a theatre, you will host a three productions a day, projects selected by you from the requests received  (over 200 in the prior edition), in accordance with the characteristics and choices of artistic directors for the best possible artistic and economic result.

Read the participation agreement, oif you would like to become of the "Islands" of the archipelago of Milanese culture during the OFF Festival, simply fill out the online request down below!

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Direzione artistica: FRANCESCA VITALE

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