If you have a performance space, join the archipelago of MILANO OFF: this will allow us to host more artists, for a Festival spread throughout the city of Milan.

September 2022: Fringe Theatre returns to Milan!

The 4TH MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL will take place from September 18th to October 2nd 2022, returns to the city of Milan: theaters and unconventional spaces spread throughout the Milanese territory will create a real map of Fringe Theater and the Performing Arts!

Artistic productions and projects from the world of Fringe will inhabit participating structures around the city which, in addition to becoming part of a national and international collaboration network, will be able to discover and create new connections between the center and outer suburbs of Milan.

The theatrical spaces which will host the Festival, along with the participating artists, are the true protagonists of the Fringe Festival. 


Milanese cultural spaces, historical theaters, and unique locations spread throughout Milan, form a true archipelago of cultural and theatrical “islands,” which draw a singular and unified map of the theatre and performance landscape of Milan.

Becoming part of the Fringe Festival means creating connections while rediscovering and enhancing new artistic proposals, an invaluable part of restoring theater as a social place for sharing and renewal.

Being part of MI OFF 22 also means entering into two weeks of enhanced visibility and constant promotion, as well as joining a long-term symbiotic circuit designed to make Milan an international reference point for non-commercial and Fringe theatre (such as our partners in Avignon).

Your theater will enter Milano OFF's entire promotional circuit via our online channels, as well as in all ATL and BTL marketing strategies.

You will also have a dedicated page on our website, which in the last three editions received over 300,000 visits from over 80 countries. 

The fringe festival is a singular opportunity for both international visibility and recognition of Milan's cultural brilliance, through the discovery of its neighborhoods and the theatrical spaces that represent them. #MIOFF22 acts as a European distribution point for the diffusion of new international performers from all sectors of the performing arts. 

The theaters, places of public congregation and artstic diffusion, are fundamental for the growth and the dispersion of cultural and social interests of their neighborhoods.

Participating theaters act as attraction and coordinating centers in their marketing territory, as well as support for an international fringe circuit of culture in Milan and beyond.

By participating as a performance space in the 4TH MILANO OFF FRINGE FESTIVAL, you will be able to host up to three productions a day: projects selected by you from received applications. Each space's Artistic Director will be able to make the choice in accordance with their mission, the characteristics of their space and the preferences of their audience and neighborhood in order to obtain the best possible artistic, social and economic result.

Read the participation agreement, or if you would like to become one of the "islands" in our archipelago of Milanese culture throughout the Fringe Festival, simply fill out the online request down below!

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